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Empathy for survivors of Human Rights Violations

“Being the one of Founder of ‘People’s Vigliance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)’, Shruti Nagvanshi strives for observation and assertion of fundamental rights of disadvantaged fractions of the population, such as women, children, Dalits and indigenous minorities. With her committee she has created structures, substantiating enforcement of fundamental rights.”

For the past 15 years, Shruti has advocated the Dalit’s (members of the lowest cast) rights and concerns in the Indian Federal State Uttar Pradesh. Coherently to this engagement, she founded the ‘People’s Vigliance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)’ with his husband in 1996. This Organisation supports aggrieved populace, such as children, women or minorities to claim their fundamental rights.

For that purpose he keeps records on any kind of violation of human rights, such as starvation, police torture or child labour and in co-operation with local human rights groups attends their victims. Cases, dealt with by PVCHR, have, due to PVCHR engagement, been seized by the UN – Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

Another of Shruti Nagvanshi’s successful initiatives is her conceptual design of “people friendly villages” based on child right and women rights. In areas, first and foremost inhabited by Dalis, primary schools are installed, offering alternative teaching methods and advocating girls’ education. Ambition is the fortification of administrative and organisational abilities of marginalised groups, in order to enable them to call for their rights and arrogate specific concerns from the state.

Short vita :

Shruti Nagvanshi was born on 2 January 1974 in Varanasi. Honours graduate of Art in Ancient History,Hindi,Sociology. Since 1992 married to Lenin Raghuvanshi, 1 son, Kabeer Karunik, 14 years old.